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Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.

Virtual Book Study

“An Altar in the World” By Barbara Brown Taylor

Wednesdays May 5 – June 9, 2021 at 7pm via Zoom.

Book available from the church office for $20


Episcopal Priest, Barbara Brown Taylor, was named one of the 12 most effective preachers in the English-speaking world by Baylor University in 1996.  In 2014 TIME included her on its annual list of Most Influential People.


Taylor shares many colourful vignettes from her own life and ponders the experiences of some well-known biblical characters.  Under Taylor's expert guidance, readers come to question conventional distinctions between the sacred and the secular, learning that no physical act is too earthbound or too humble to become a path to the divine.


“Barbara Brown Taylor uses two sets of questions to navigate her geography of faith: “What might you tell me about your life?” or “Who are you?” and “Where have you met the Divine in the ordinary moments of your life?” or “Whose are you?”  Taylor explores the questions she has set herself with a depth of intimacy and a dose of vulnerability that reveal what it means to be both authentically human and deeply connected to the Creator.  She takes us to the intense intersection where crashes that disturb a numbed, inattentive way of living can occur.” - Anne Apple

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