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First Visit?

(Don't worry, we've got you covered...)

Who, What, Why
We, the people of Grace, are so glad to greet you!  Expect smiles, friendship, and a welcoming place where you find peace, love, and hope. Grace offers excellent hospitality. We are a contemporary, inclusive parish for Christians of diverse ages and backgrounds. Children are especially welcome. We gather together to worship, pray, sing, laugh, and grow.  We are Christian disciples transforming lives and building community.  We invite you to join us.

Where is the church located?

Parking is available at the back of the property off of Main Street North (at 182 Main Street N).  Street parking is also available.


There are reserved handicapped spots near the walkway to the church.

Map to Grace Church



What should I wear?
Please wear clothing. We are informal in tone and dress, but not careless. Wear whatever helps you feel comfortable to worship God and enjoy good times with your neighbours.

What do I do when I come in?
Enter the worship space through the glass at the south-east side of the building.  A greeter will welcome you. You can hang up your coat on the coat racks if you wish. Feel free to identify yourself as a visitor and ask any questions you might have. You may sit anywhere you like. Don’t worry about taking someone’s seat. If it’s empty, it’s your seat!

Our service starts at 10:00 am, and everything that you need to participate fully in the worship is presented on a screen.
The 8:30 am service is not currently running.


Do my children stay with me?
That's up to you. They are welcome to stay with you for the entire service.
During the 10:00 am service, there is a nursery (at the end of the hall near the kitchen) for children aged four and under.  There is children’s ministry in the church hall for children aged five and older.

Children can be introduced to their caregivers in the nursery before the worship service begins or at any time during the service. Children’s ministry aged children and junior youth can begin worship in the worship space with their families and then proceed to the church hall with their leaders after the initial prayers and a children’s time. Parents can join their children in the hall after worship

What about the music at Grace?
Music forms an important part of our 10:00 am service at Grace. The choir, band, and congregation sing during the service, which includes traditional and modern music.
The 8:30 am service is a quiet reflective service.

May I receive Communion?
Everyone is welcome to receive both the bread and the wine at Communion, near the altar. All may come forward for a blessing from God, which is indicated by crossing your arms.


Do I need to bring anything?
No. The collection plate is passed during the service, however, as our guest, you are under no obligation to contribute, though of course, we would be grateful if you choose to make a gift toward the ministry we offer to our community.

What happens after the service?
After the 10:00 am service, please join us for refreshments and good times in the church hall. We hope you will feel at home at Grace. Please complete a guest information sheet if you wish and go in peace with God’s blessing.

What are Anglicans all about?
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