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With Thanks to Diocese of Niagara

FoodwithGrace thanks the Diocese of Niagara for funds from the Pandemic Response Challenge

The people of Grace Anglican Church in Waterdown and the volunteers, donors, and neighbours who use Food with Grace Waterdown Food Bank extend their deepest gratitude to the generous disciples of Jesus in the Diocese of Niagara for the donation from the Diocese of Niagara Pandemic Response Fund. 

So many of our neighbours have had their mental and physical health and economic well being negatively impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic.


Receiving nutritious and appropriate food for their families from Food with Grace ensures that they are nourished and frees up money in the family budget to pay for housing and other necessities.  This relieves some of the pressure and reminds our neighbours that there are people who care about them.


By sharing some of the abundance that God has graciously
given to you, you are making a profound difference in people’s lives… and those people are grateful. 

We hear their words of thanks and sighs of relief each week.  Please know that even in the midst of a situation that can feel overwhelming, you are making a positive difference.  Bless you for living the gospel in this time and place, and remember always that you are God’s beloved.
“Please thank all of the donors and volunteers for me.  I have never been out of work before and I have never been so scared.  Thank you for being so kind and helping my family to get through this.” – Food with Grace Client

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