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Meditation with Grace

Saturdays 11:00am -12:00pm

Grace Church warmly invites you to join our online meditation session.

Grounded in the teaching's of Jesus, our practice opens us to stillness and silence, connecting us to God, our neighbours, and ourselves.


All are welcome, whoever you are, just as you are.

To learn more about this practice, click this link to a CBC interview: Meditation Explained

To join us: On Saturday,  5 minutes prior to the time of meditation, with the link below to join the meeting. Contact Canon Sue-Ann at  or 905-966-7900 with any issues.

After you have entered the meeting, and your video and audio connection is established, please mute your microphone, as we wait in silence to begin.  

For more information please Contact Cindy Allen at 905-689-6715 x 80 or

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